Who Cares?

Do you ever find yourself at work saying, “Who cares?” It can be a defense mechanism when you are angry, upset, disappointed or fearful. Other times, it is a statement of truth – you are detached and do not care about a situation.

This is worth paying attention to. Detachment and apathy about your work are warning signals that it may be time for a change. Work is best when engaged in. How are you feeling presently about your work? Are you saying “ Who Cares?” or “I Care!”?


photo: Ben_Kerckx, pixabay.com

What’s Possible?

ID-100303213We often think about what’s practical, what’s immediate and what’s required. How about turning your focus on what’s possible? Think noun (potential) rather than adjective (able to be done). Doing so can lead to innovation, engagement and progress.

Let the mundane go for a while and dream – in the present moment – of what’s possible. Is there somewhere you could make your mark? What effort is needed? Break through the small mind to new directions, solutions and accomplishments. You can do it.

What’s possible for you and for your team today?


photo: Stuart Miles, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Where’s Your Enthusiasm?

ID-100292598Do enthusiasm and work go together? They should! Enthusiasm is defined as: intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval. You can lose your enthusiasm or you can maintain it – it’s up to you. Perhaps you rarely feel enthusiasm for your work. If that is the case, take another look – what has happened? Did you start your career with a perception that work is drudgery? Did something dampen your enthusiasm? Is what you are doing each day not in alignment with your likes or interests?

If you have enthusiasm for your work, kudos to you! You put a lot into your work each day and enthusiasm assures your engagement and motivation. You deserve to be Working Happy!

photo: stock images, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Engaging Your Team

How do you engage your team? Sure, they get a paycheck. But, what ensures that they fully participate, bring their best to their work and continuously improve their skills for the best possible outcomes?

Have you determined what motivates individuals on your team? That is a key to their engagement. It is not one size fits all. You can observe their behavior, or ask them directly, in order to find out. An engaged team makes managing easier, all around.

photo:   James Barker, FreeDigitalPhotos.net