How Do Books Fit In?

Fast Company Magazine has come out with their favorite business and leadership books of 2017. Reading books increases your knowledge and insight and lets you touch parts of the world beyond your own. Are books an element of your career plan?

Not everyone resonates with reading or opening up to others’ ideas. No problem there. The key is to figure out how to broaden your knowledge and insight in ways that can advance your career. So, what is it for you? Books, networks, experience, taking risks? Whatever it is, stay up on the game. Things change rapidly and keeping pace is essential to your success.


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Uncertainty (again)

FogDidgemanpixabayUncertainty can have a powerful effect on your well being. In a Fast Company article, How Your Brain Reacts To Change, uncertainty looms large again. The article speaks to our desire for clarity during times of change and suggests that seeking out information in the face of uncertainty is a crucial way to adjust to change.

So often, when change occurs, the first instinct is to panic and go cruising into anxiety (the future) or negative comparisons (the past). When change unsettles you, seek out information in the present moment.

The best way to bring yourself to the present moment is to stop. Get comfortable with the practice of stopping – allowing yourself to be fully present to whatever is happening. From that place, your view is not distorted. You can choose your next steps and not be ruled by the fog of uncertainty.


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How Are Your Peer Relationships?

Fast Company Magazine had an article this week How Would You Feel If Your Co-Workers Decided Your Bonus? The article profiles, an online peer recognition system. My first thought was that a peer recognition system could help build team collaboration. Then my mind ran away with questions. What about peers with agendas? How would you ensure awards were merited? Isn’t it a good thing to get away from hierarchy and be more egalitarian? Would culture changes have to precede such a system?

Where this ultimately led me, was to examine the nature of peer relationships and what their role is in our work. How are your peer relationships? Are these relationships something you work on? How do they matter to you? Are you dependent on peers for your own success? How much do peer relationships really matter? How is your team doing with their peer relationships?

Let me know your thoughts on peer relationships.