Low Energy

It’s inevitable; your energy levels go up and down. Have you noticed how low energy levels affect your work? Low energy levels have lots of causes, among them: being tired or sick, being in a situation that is draining your energy, boredom and strong emotions.

Awareness is the first step in dealing with a low energy level. When this occurs, change your expectations of what you can and can’t do. It may be that you have no choice but to raise your energy level for an immediate task that must get done. In that case, develop dependable ways to raise your energy level – perhaps a short nap, a change of scene, getting help or another means. When you can afford to, give yourself the time you need to restore your energy to a high level.

When your energy level is low, you are not at your best. It is in your interest to understand and know how to deal with your changing energy levels.


photo: tonny-tran, unsplash.com

Dog Tired

dogtiredMatthewWiebestocksnapOn Tuesday, I was watching the primary election results and noticed that some of the candidates and their spouses seemed very tired. It was a marked difference from the excitement and exuberance I have seen before. They are all going at a fast pace and have a lot of pressure on them. If they want to win, they have to keep going.

What can you do if you are dog-tired but must keep going? First, you can assess whether there is a compelling reason to keep going. Sometimes you get on a treadmill and everything becomes urgent. Your ability to discern is hampered by your fatigue. If you determine you have to keep going, create a strategy for making it through to your endpoint. Such a strategy could include short rest points, getting help from others, increasing the size of your team, adjusting your goals and expectations, if possible or doing things to maintain your health and well-being during this time.

Feeling dog-tired is tough. There is no point in running yourself into the ground. You can find a way to do what you have to and pace yourself to succeed.


photo: MatthewWiebe, stocksnap.io

10 Signs That You Really Need Some Rest

ID-1003213151. You are slowing down in your responses and reactions to things.

2. You are making mistakes.

3. Your physical stamina is low.

4. You feel discouraged.

5. Your attention is wandering.

6. You are losing focus on priorities.

7. People tell you that you look or seem tired.

8. You know you are tired, but feel you have to keep going.

9. You are not communicating clearly to others.

10. Thinking is labor intensive.


photo: holohololand, FreeDigitalPhotos.net