Are You Setting For Less?

Is your career fulfilling you? If not, what do you think is missing from it?

Our culture and society have a way of convincing you that career fulfillment is unattainable. You have to settle for what you can get. That is not true. Life holds the possibility of happiness and fulfillment in all that you do. It may take work and planning, but fulfillment can be yours.

Do you have the courage to create the career you dream of? What can you do today towards making your career a wow?


photo: ElsieBeeDesigns,


 Last night I discovered Pharrel Williams’ 24 hour music video “Happy”. When was it decided that we would not be happy in our work? To what purpose? Work may be demanding or strenuous, but why is it okay if we are unhappy? Perhaps we need to course-correct, as a society, and value ourselves enough that we seek out happiness in our work. Employers will have to value happiness as well. It’s a great starting point to improve the condition of society and our own lives.

In November, I debuted a monthly newsletter titled Working Happy. Something’s happening here. We are hearing of Chief Happiness Officers in organizations. People are saying “enough” to bully bosses and organizations. Let’s go there and make happiness a primary value for our work. We’ll be more productive and innovative and life will be so much better.

photo: Dmytro Konstantynov, Dreamstime Photos