More Of That!

What jazzes you and makes you happy? Are those things present in your work life? True, there are some separations that must exist between life and work. However, following a path for your career that includes what makes you happy can bring you significant benefits. Too often, our society sends messages that we are not meant to be happy at work. In reality, being happy with your work leads to productivity, success, purpose and fulfillment.


The Purpose And Passion Of Work

CALLINGSDave Isay, founder of Story Corps has a new book out titled: Callings: The Purpose and Passion of Work. The book tells stories of people who love their work and the paths they took to find it. I watched an interview with Dave Isay and saw some of the animations of individual stories and found all of it so confirming – that you can be happy in your work and that finding work you love transforms you in very positive ways.

Does your work have purpose and passion? Do you believe it is possible? What do you have to lose in taking a journey to find passion and purpose in your work? If you have found passion and purpose, tell your story to Story Corps!

What Do You Want?

wantedkazpixabayAs time goes by, you can get enveloped in the details of your work and career and what you want gets lost in the process. Don’t let that happen. You can be fulfilled and happy in your work and only you know what you need to be so.

If you had to pick three things you do not have now but that you want in your work, what would they be? What are you doing to make them happen?


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How Do You Work Happy?

workinghappyjill111pixabayIt is hard to work happy if you do not know what it looks like. What does working happy look like for you? Do you need challenge, harmony, growth, good coworkers, balance, a certain environment or growth opportunities, for example?

If you do not have a ready answer to what working happy looks like for you, create one. You deserve to work happy and it’s up to you to set a course to get there. I write a newsletter, Working Happy, guiding you to work that leaves you happy at the end of the day. You can find out more about it here.

Here’s to all of us being happy and productive in our work!


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Why So Serious?

We do get very serious about things when it comes to our work. Once in awhile, we can lighten up.

How serious are you about your work? Are fun, light-heartedness and joy a part of your workday? There’s no reason for them not to be. Actually, lightening up about your work isn’t only healthy; it can increase your productivity. You need emotional balance to function at your best.

This post may have you laughing right now if you work in an organization that sees happiness as superfluous to working – a just keep your nose to the grindstone and keep working mentality. I hear you, but give a bit of frivolity a try at work. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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 Last night I discovered Pharrel Williams’ 24 hour music video “Happy”. When was it decided that we would not be happy in our work? To what purpose? Work may be demanding or strenuous, but why is it okay if we are unhappy? Perhaps we need to course-correct, as a society, and value ourselves enough that we seek out happiness in our work. Employers will have to value happiness as well. It’s a great starting point to improve the condition of society and our own lives.

In November, I debuted a monthly newsletter titled Working Happy. Something’s happening here. We are hearing of Chief Happiness Officers in organizations. People are saying “enough” to bully bosses and organizations. Let’s go there and make happiness a primary value for our work. We’ll be more productive and innovative and life will be so much better.

photo: Dmytro Konstantynov, Dreamstime Photos