10 Ways To Pause During The Holidays

benchpixabay1. Take a walk alone, during or at the end of the day.

2. Go to see a movie.

3. Close your office door (if you can) or go to a conference room and sit quietly for five minutes.

4. Stay home one day on a weekend.

5. Stop whatever you are doing and bring yourself fully to the present moment, three times each day.

6. Look at your calendar and eliminate one thing on it each week and do not replace it with activity.

7. Have a quiet meal with a friend or family member.

8. Turn off the radio or any other noise when you are driving, at least once each day.

9. Sit quietly for 10 minutes, with no distraction, before you go to sleep.

10. Take a nap.


photo: Antranias, pixabay.com

The Intensity Of The Holidays

holidayspixabayYour awareness of the strength of emotions, personal demands and impact of the holidays is a starting point for managing through them. The holidays are not business as usual.

How are your colleagues, team and you yourself doing during the holidays? Are people keeping their focus, maintaining productivity and collaborating well? Or, are you noticing changes, gaps or problems caused by the holidays? The holidays call for adjusting the way you manage yourself and others. Best to realistically assess what can get done during the holidays as well as what must get done and plan accordingly. Doing so will serve you and your team well and let you begin 2016 on top of your game.


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December Already?

ID-100302939No question that our world is speeding up. It is helpful to pause at certain points and look at where you are and where you want to go. What do you think about today being December 1st? The start of the holidays? The end of 2015 is coming? Running out of time?

What will December look like to you? What do you want to accomplish this month? How will you fit the holidays in? Will December be a slow or fast month for you? How will you balance?

I know – a lot of questions. However, answering them will allow you to take control of your month and make it what you want it to be.


photo: Stuart Miles, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

How Are You Doing In The Holiday Rush?

ID-100203330It can be helpful, in the midst of holiday season, to stop and check in with yourself. It brings you fully to the present moment and puts you in a good place to assess how things are going. How are you feeling as you read this post? Do you feel in balance or stressed with your holiday preparations and obligations? Is a course-correction warranted? Or, some downtime to regroup? If you’d like some tips for the holiday season, check out my previous blog post, 10 Ways to Experience The Holidays With Ease.  May you enjoy the holiday season and thrive in it!


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Managing Through The Holidays

ID-100146438They’re here – the holidays are upon us. Have you given any thought to how you will manage yourself and your team through the holidays? There’s a different energy during the holidays – one of heightened emotions, celebration, distraction, stress and interaction. It is helpful to make adjustments during the holidays so you can limit stress and keep work flowing. You can start this process by considering a few things:

What are your non-negotiable December deadlines? Can you meet them?

How will team members’ holiday vacation days affect workflow this month?

Do you anticipate any emotional upsets, stress or distractions on the part of individual team members that could affect their productivity?

Will you make time for celebration and relaxation for you and your team?

The holidays can be both a fun and a productive time for you and your team. Some planning and a few adjustments can make them so. Make it a good holiday month!


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Coasting means to move effortlessly and smoothly. As we approach the end of the year, will you be coasting? Are you able to coast because there is less to do – you are away from work? Or, are you able to coast because you love this time of year and can enjoy it?

What if you could coast all year? That’s a concept.


photo: Rob Emery, Dreamstime.com

10 Ways to Experience The Holidays With Ease

They’re here……. The best way to experience the holidays is with a sense of ease. Here are 10 ways for doing this.

1. Take a look at the holidays with the eyes of a manager – how can you manage them effectively?

2. Identify the “energy drains” you have experienced during past holidays (energy drains are counterproductive forces in your life) and what you will do to eliminate or counter them this year.

3. Identify the level of balance that you want to achieve during the holidays – how much time will you give to work and how much to the holiday season?

4. Be realistic about the demands the holidays put on you. Take the most challenging and figure out how you will deal with them.

5. Create “quiet time” at least twice a week during the holidays, to restore your balance and stay emotionally centered. Schedule it.

6. Find a way to give to others that makes you happy. Create small joys for yourself and others.

7. Talk with your team at work about the holidays now. See how they are feeling about the holidays and what they need and want. Accommodate what you can and set the boundaries of what needs to get done at work. This will give you a better sense of what to expect from your team during this time.

8. Identify 5 things about the holidays that you are grateful for. Openly express your gratitude.

9. Create one new holiday tradition for yourself that creates a sense of ease.

10. Celebrate the holidays with your team.


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