What’s New?

Is there anything new in your life this year? If not, find something. “New” creates momentum, challenge, growth and discovery.

Your life and work can get stale, negatively affecting your morale, outlook and mood. Stay leading edge. Practice continuous improvement. “New” keeps you vital and alive.


photo: Alexas_Fotos, pixabay.com

Move Towards, Not Away

It is a natural reaction, when you do not favor something, to move away from it. Sometimes, that is just the right thing to do. Other times, your reaction may be motivated by fear or another emotion that really does not serve your best interests. In that case, if you move away, it harms you.

Learn to discern when you should move towards something, rather than away from it. Examples could be an opportunity to develop a skill, a chance to repair a relationship, something that stretches you in a positive way or something that releases a negative aspect of your life. Have the courage to make things better.

Moving towards something moves you forward, so move forward, in your own interests, whenever you can!


photo: RobinHiggins, pixabay.com

10 Ways To Challenge Yourself

ID-100235786Periodically challenging yourself builds your leadership skills, creativity and self-confidence. Here are some ways you can challenge yourself in the next month. Give it a try – you can do it!

1. Try a new technique in your managing.

2. Tackle something you are afraid of doing by taking one step forward.

3. Ask your team and co workers for an informal 360 performance review.

4. Speak your truth in a situation that matters to you.

5. Say no to something.

6. Observe yourself for a day and identify what needs changing.

7. Repair a worthwhile relationship that has been damaged.

8. Read a book that adds to your knowledge base about managing.

9. Commit to make one positive and radical change in your life by the end of the year.

10. Create something you never thought you could.



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Time For A Team Remix?

A remix is a song that has been edited or completely recreated to sound different from the original version.

Is it time to rethink and remix your team for 2014? Change is a key to innovation and keeps things fresh. A remix must be done wisely – change for change’s sake has no point. A remix that has the intention of improvement and excellence can boost productivity and strengthen your team.

How would you start? The beginning of a new year is a good time to evaluate how the previous year went and what you would like to shift in the new year. What are the areas where your team failed or under-performed in the past year? Where did they shine? What are their strengths that you can build on? Where can your team go that they have not been before? What changes have your team expressed a need for? Where do you want them to go?

Try a team remix this month. Your team’s new sound may a great one.

photo: adamr, FreeDigitalPhotos.net