Integrity is wholeness. In your work life, all of you is present – your values, your personality, your attitudes and preferences, your skills, your goals – and must be honored. Separating parts of yourself from your work leads to problems. Why? Because what is part of you does not go away, even if ignored. Eventually, that part of you will show itself, often complicating things or causing you unhappiness or lack of fulfillment.

Honor your whole self. Doing so leads you to success and integrity in your career.


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True Voice

Do you know your true voice? You may not speak your true voice in every encounter; however, there are some encounters where it is essential. Your true voice comes from within. It embodies your values, reflects your integrity, sets your boundaries and protects you.

Things can get sticky when you do not know or speak your true voice. Others can take advantage of or manipulate you. You can be forced into situations that do not honor your values or boundaries. If you have yet to find your true voice, here are some questions to answer that can get you started:

• What is non-negotiable in your life – things you will not do?

• What are your three most important values?

• What lines can people not cross with you?

Your true voice is the expression of you. Know it and your path will be illuminated, leading to a centered and fulfilling life.


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5 Things That Tell You That You Are Through

timetoleaveMeditationspixabaySometimes, it is hard to let go. Here are 5 things that can tell you it is time to leave.

1. You have seen a shift in your attitude or mood that indicates a situation is not working for you.

2. You lose your optimism and enthusiasm about life.

3. You are being disrespected or are forced to act out of integrity.

4. You do not like the people you are spending your time with (in fact, you can’t stand them).

5. Your dreams of happiness are always somewhere other than where you are now.


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What Are Your Non – Negotiables As A Manager?

In managing, you are often asked to stretch – do more with less, tolerate unpleasant situations, support policies and processes you may not love. Some stretching is expected in any organization. But, where do you draw the line? What are your non – negotiables as a manager?

My non – negotiables as a manager include: treating my team with respect and dignity and expecting others to as well; enough transparency from others so that my team and I have what we need to do the work expected of us; and clarity of expectations, all around.

Your non – negotiables may line up with your personal values or come from hard-won experience. It is useful to identify them, as they serve as boundaries that can keep you in balance and integrity. Being unaware of your non – negotiables can put you in a position where you do not see lines being crossed and get yourself and your team in sticky situations.

If you know your non – negotiables as a manager, you will be able to recognize when things have gone too far and communicate your needs and expectations clearly.

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