How Do You Describe Your Work?

The way you describe the work you do can offer valuable insights. Work can be described in many ways: the nature of your work (specifics of what you “do”), the emotions you have about your work (love, hate, tolerate) or your goals for your work and career.

Take a moment now and describe your work. See what it reveals and proceed from there.


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Is Your Current Job A Match For You?

Every once in a while, it is good to step back and take a look at what you are doing and determine if it is a fit.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself about your current job.

• Am I using my best skills on a daily basis?

• Are the people who surround me good collaborators?

• Am I accomplishing significant things?

• Is there a flow to my work?

• Is this job leading me to what I envision my next career steps to be (gaining skills, connections and knowledge)?

• Does my work fulfill me?

You are the CEO of your career. Your choices lead you forward. Your job should be a fit with your goals and dreams.


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Are You Interested in Recruiting Veterans?

Last week I participated in a lunchtime webinar given by The Buller Group , an international consulting and recruiting firm, on Market Challenges of Hiring Veterans. One million veterans will be returning home and transitioning to civilian careers in the next four years. The webinar focused on the rewards and special challenges of recruiting veterans.

Unemployment remains high among veterans. Veterans are excellent employment prospects, if you can understand and address the nature of their transition from a military to civilian work culture and the transferability of military skills to the civilian sector.

Hiring veterans is a win-win and good for our economy. With a small investment to know the territory, you can hire veterans successfully. The new “fiscal cliff” law extends through 2013 the tax credits for employers who hire military veterans or individuals from underserved communities that have faced barriers to employment. The Buller Group recommends establishing a veteran recruitment strategy, implementing a custom on-boarding program and establishing a veteran retention and coaching strategy. You can do it and create a win-win for your organization.