Who Do You Listen To?

When it comes to managing, whom do you listen to? Answering this question may provide insights regarding the current state of your managing skills. Who do you consider to be your “advisors” on the art of managing? What aspect of management do they focus on – teamwork, getting ahead, strategy, tools, emotional intelligence, expertise in subject matter, communication, leadership or something else? What does your answer tell you about your priorities when it comes to managing? Is your listening getting you where you want to be?

photo: Jeroen van Oostrom, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

What is the core of managing?

What is the core of managing? It is movement and what you do to create movement. I have often thought of managing as getting a machine, of various parts, to work well. It goes beyond parts, though. There has to be some kind of fuel to enable the parts to move. So, as a manager, you are not only managing people, data, events, goals and the expectations of your managers, you are creating the fuel that will get your team moving and working together.

How do you create your fuel? For me, what makes my teams move is my providing a clear sense of purpose, feeding each team member what he or she needs to function well (not only resources, but motivation), being present and contributing as the team goes forward, listening to my team, speaking to upper management on my team’s behalf when I need to, tracking performance so that our goals are achieved and keeping my eye on the bigger picture.

The core of managing – movement – depends on the fuel you create to keep your team going forward.

Photo: FreeDigitalPhotos.net