StocksnapImpeccabilityThe concept of mastery is always a motivator for me. By mastery, I mean excellence and full command of something that I do. Striving for mastery requires focus, stretching, striving, setting high goals and surpassing the mundane. Mastery involves knowledge, learning and persistence. You can’t go part way – you must be all in.

Striving for mastery in an aspect of your work is analogous to climbing a high mountain. You have to study and understand what is involved, prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally, practice and ultimately, excel. It is not only about climbing the mountain, but also about how you grow in the process.

Is there something you think is worthwhile to master? When will you start?



Mastery In 2015

ID-100235596Mastery has always fascinated me. To summon the focus, discipline and skill to master a subject or technique results not only in mastery of that subject or technique, but a growing mastery of life. You are changed for the better. Is there something you would like to master in 2015? How would you begin?


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What Is Your Mastery As A Manager?

Mastery involves developing outstanding skill or expertise; having command of something.

What mastery do you have, or want to have, as a manager? Could it be a technical skill, an interpersonal skill, a management skill, a marketing skill? An interesting consideration, once you set a direction towards mastery, is where that skill or expertise will have value. Does your organization value that skill or expertise? Is it a skill or expertise you personally value? What is your purpose in developing that particular form of mastery? Where do you think it will bring you?

The journey to mastery is as valuable as its achievement. You will create focus, fine tune a skill and grow in the process.