In 2018, I wrote a blog post on The Power of Pivoting. It seems to me that pivoting is an excellent coping mechanism for the times we are in right now. Essentially, pivoting is the ability to move from a negative attitude to a positive one. There is a lot right now that can bring you down, as well as a lot to lift you up. In times like these, however, fear, uncertainty and stress are all strong pulls to a negative attitude. Your ability to pivot can save you from prolonged negativity and put you in a positive place fairly quickly.

How good are you at pivoting? My 2018 post provides you with some ways to pivot. Do you have any to share? If you do, let our readers know! Thanks.


photo: joseph costa, unsplash.com

The Source Of Your Negativity

negativitygeraltpixabayNegativity creeps into all lives every once in awhile. Are you experiencing negativity in your work now? If you are, or if you do in the future, it behooves you to look below the surface and expose its roots. Only by doing this can you rid yourself of it.

Sources of negativity can be many things. They can be connected to your emotions, perceptions, real or imagined events, fears or a disconnection. Once you identify the source of negativity you can address it directly. In doing so, you can keep your center and not allow negativity to get out of control. Negativity is subjective. Find its source and let it go.

photo: geralt, pixabay.com