Are you enmeshed and fully engaged in your life and work right now? Being so can be a positive state and also, at times, a negative one. You may see yourself as active, vital and committed to your life and work – good for you! What happens, however, when your life and work entangle you in dramas, doubts, fear or uncertainty? At that point, you may want to detach a bit so you can regain your perspective.

Ways to detach include: getting to a place where you are alone, bringing your emotions back in from being all over the place, thinking about what is going on, observing rather than participating, reminding yourself of your values and reaffirming your confidence in yourself.

Detachment empowers you. Balance engagement with detachment and you will be better for it.


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What Do You Gravitate To?

You can gain a lot of insights by observing what you gravitate to. Your natural inclinations often reflect what you want to be doing.

What do you gravitate to? Here are some questions you can ask yourself, to get started:

• Are there any members of your team you are drawn to more than others? What are the reasons you are drawn to them? What does this tell you about your own preferences in people?

• What aspects of your work, as a manager, do you like doing? What don’t you like doing? Anything you detest doing? What does this tell you about the work you are doing now?

• How do you like to be rewarded for a job well done? What does this tell you about what matters to you?

• What emotions do you exhibit most often when you are under stress? What feelings you generally “default” to? For example, anger, feeling like a victim, resentment, overwhelm, inadequacy. What does this tell you about the underlying emotions you carry with you in life?

Your natural inclinations can tell you a lot about what you want to be doing. They can also tell you about what you do not want to be doing. Examining what you gravitate to can move you forward on the road to happiness and fulfillment in your work.

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