Time is finite. You have to take care of yourself and put your focus where it matters. There are always things to do and new directions to go in.

Pacing yourself effectively is a skill worth cultivating. Two things are involved: balance and prioritizing. Pacing yourself with these two things in mind will allow you to stay healthy and whole and will make sure you are putting your attention where it matters.

The next time you feel you should ”do more”, make sure to pace yourself and get where you want to go.


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Rush or Flow?

rushingAndrewBertramunsplashRushing is everywhere – you rush, I rush, others rush, time speeds up. Which is better, to rush or to flow? Rushing implies urgency, haste and rapid movement. Flow implies fluidity, steadiness and continuity. Personally, I vote for flow. Picture yourself in a fast-flowing river. If you are rushing, you are pushing against it. If you flow, you are aligning with it.

Flow involves steady and fluid movement, allowing you to acclimate to what is happening around you. You maintain your center and can respond to whatever happens. Rushing involves frenzy and a lack of control. You may lose your center and merely react to what happens.

Develop your ability to flow. It serves you better than rushing and will get you where you want to go.


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What Do You Do With A Quiet Day?

ID-1006211Quiet days are rare. When one does come along, you can treasure it. Quiet days are essential to a healthy rhythm in your life. They give you a chance to regroup and slow down – what a luxury!

The slower pace of a quiet day puts you in touch with yourself in a way that a faster pace does not. A quiet day is nurturing and restoring.

What do you do with a quiet day?


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What’s Your Speed?

ID-10031355As we cruise to the end of the year, what’s your speed? Are you slowing down or gearing up? Sometimes your speed is dictated by events – deadlines, new developments, business slowing down. Other times,  you have a choice of speeds – fast, slow or in between.

How does the month of December look for you? Will you slow down or gear up? Each has its benefits. Slowing down can restore you, so you can start the new year ready to go. By gearing up, you can get things done and call 2014 a great year.

Ready, set, go – will your speed be fast or slow till the end of the year?


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