Making Space For Others

You are not alone when you interact with others throughout your workday. The nature of your interactions can directly affect your levels of success and fulfillment. Key to having positive and valuable interactions is making space for others. Making space involves emotional intelligence, the ability to listen, respecting all you encounter, allowing for differences and communicating effectively.

Do you consciously make space for others in your daily interactions? It can make a very positive difference. Give it a try!


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Have you ever found yourself tightly squeezed by one or more people or situations? Life and work can certainly create such circumstances.

When you find yourself pressed, get yourself fully to the present moment so that you can see what is going on. Then, take a look at what is happening and how it is affecting you. Do you know which way you want to go? Do you see no good way out? When you find yourself squeezed, keep your best interests in the forefront. Do not allow them to be bullied or rerouted by the pressure. Allow yourself to respond, not react. When you react you are rigid, so to speak. When you respond, you are in control.

Actually, being squeezed can bring good results. It can help you change form, move forward or strengthen your resolve. Next time you are squeezed, make the most of it!


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Understanding Energy

groupgeraltpixabayTo understand energy in the workplace is to know the forces that underlie how people act and interact. Energy is the effect you experience from individuals you encounter and the effect they experience from you.

How can you understand energy in your life and work? A first step is developing your awareness of energy. Observe how energy is used by you and by others you encounter. Trust your instincts regarding what is happening in a situation. What is the energy of other players in the situation? How is their energy affecting the situation? What is needed to have your desired outcome? How is the energy “dynamic” impeding or aiding this outcome? What does an outcome tell you? Observe how a powerful person walks in the world. How does this person interact with people? How do their interactions with people affect others? How do they affect you? How do they use words? How do they carry their body? And how do they use their understanding of energy to get what they want?

Energy underlies all that happens in our world. Ignore it at your peril. Understand it, and you will have a significant advantage as you navigate your life and work.


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Liking The People You Work With

ID-100127058Liking the people you work with is not mandatory for a successful career. However if you do like them, you have a better chance of success in your work. What do I mean by “like”? I mean having a level of professional compatibility that allows you to thrive in a team. This creates conditions that foster your success. If you like your co-workers as people, then you can add fun and enjoyment to the mix.

This is not a pie-in-the-sky concept. If you do not like the people you work with, your working conditions are less than optimal. You may find yourself irritated, less productive and discouraged. A positive workplace lets you thrive and move forward.

Do you like the people you work with?


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