How Is Your Network?

There are all kinds of people networks in the world of work – within your organization, clients, customers, associates, professionals and allies. It is your choice to develop the kind of network that works for you.

How is your network these days? Do you cultivate it? Does it serve your needs? A robust network can propel your success and performance, when you use it well.


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Manage Yourself

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Your work is not only about managing others; it is about managing yourself. You are the center. You must be in good shape personally to manage others effectively. What if your professional development as a manager centered on you – your balance, happiness, intellect and fulfillment rather than on rote skills or others’ definitions of leadership alone?

At a minimum, you can focus your professional development on managing yourself, even if others do not. You will see good results from this that move your career in a positive direction. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to get started:

• Do I value self-management as important to my career?

• How is my relationship with time?

• Have I achieved a reasonable level of balance in my life?

• Do I have a place within where I go to manage stress, set my direction and deal with challenges?

When you manage yourself and maintain a strong center, your work managing others will benefit. In the environment you manage in today, it is like finding the eye in the center of a hurricane; stillness and peace are the place you move out from, into the storm of everyday managing.


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