Do You Use Your Imagination?

Your imagination can be a career-booster when you employ it well. It often provides a different view of reality and what is possible. It is a source of creativity. When you are tackling a problem or approaching a project, make it a practice to see where your imagination can bring you. Then, put that in the mix with other elements you are considering.

Imagination adds color, new perspectives and new ideas to your everyday work. Nurture your imagination and learn to use it well.


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GraceAlexas_FotospixabayGrace is a powerful word with many meanings. Is grace something you can have in your workplace? If you define grace as simple elegance or refinement of movement, I think you can.

How can you bring grace into your work? Here are some ways: cultivate calmness, be aware of yourself and of what is happening around you, treat people with attention and fairness, stay fully present in the moment, acknowledge when you make mistakes that negatively affect others, practice a level of detachment in order to manage your emotions and keep things simple when you can.

Cultivating a bearing of grace can increase your skills as a manager, your ability to work with others and assist you in getting things done.


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Out Of Sync

ID-10083660Your work thrives when people and events work well together. At times, however, things can go astray. How do you respond when your work, team or projects get out of sync?

Disruption and chaos can pull you in and cause you to lose your center. Personalities can take over, obscuring what is happening and causing things to falter more. When something gets out of sync, you need clear vision in order to assess what has happened and to course-correct.

The next time something gets out of sync, what will you do? How will you regain your center when things go awry? How will you manage your own behavior to minimize the damage that occurs when something is out of sync?


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