Purposefully Seeking Joy During The Holidays

To get something done, your intent must be strong. How about a strong intention to find joy during the holiday season? By doing this, chances are good you will succeed.

We can all create joy without losing anything. Your joy is contagious, as well, bringing joy to others. This holiday season find joy. It is yours for the asking.

What joy can you find today?


photo: Prawny, pixabay.com

Looking For Your Passion

passionGDJpixabayA recent New York Times article, Graduating And Looking For Your Passion? Just Be Patient. addresses the ever-present call to find your passion. The focus of the article is on new graduates, but there are bits of wisdom in it for all of us. The article suggests that finding your passion is not achieved with a flash of insight and a trumpet blast, but rather by fostering your interests and sense of purpose.

Throughout my time coaching, I have seen people paralyzed by the call to find their passion. They think they have missed it and have no idea how to find it. Take a few steps towards what you’d like to do and trust your intuition. As with many things in life, persistence and focus will get you there. Don’t let the expectations or admonitions of others trip you up. Make your own rules. Your passion is waiting for you.


photo: GDJ, pixabay.com

What Is Your Purpose?

acornPurpose: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Recently, someone said to me that they really don’t relate when someone suggests they find their purpose. This comment gave me pause. I often use that phrase; that our life’s journey is to find our purpose. Perhaps it comes down to the reason you exist. On one level, it is about the life you create. Do you have a stated purpose for your life? Have you consciously created a direction for your life with a certain aim in mind? Or, has life just happened to you?

You have unique gifts and you can create your life around them. Maybe that’s how you find your purpose – living the life you truly want to live and using your gifts. What calls you?


photo: Dbzik1022 , Dreamstime.com

The Relevance of The Hero’s Journey

Many ancient and indigenous cultures used mythology and stories to inform their people about life and meaning. The 20th century scholar, Joseph Campbell, spent his lifetime studying these stories and myths and posited that we need to know them and to create our own. Campbell called the structure of  these myths and stories The Hero’s Journey. He said that each of us is a hero and we are all meant to take this journey to self-realization. The stages of the hero’s journey include: the ordinary world, a call to adventure, refusal of the call, acceptance of the call, tests, allies and enemies, the supreme ordeal and return to the ordinary world. (Think: The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars and hero-centered video games.)

You may ask, “What does this have to do with managing?” Your strength as a manager and leader correlates directly with your self-knowledge and awareness. Your unique talents and gifts are meant to be found and shared in the world. To find them, you embark on the hero’s journey.

Since learning of Campbell’s work, I see the hero’s journey as a powerful reference point in each of our lives. It contains the elements of: the unknown, mentors, each person having a unique purpose, challenges and difficulties and the opportunity to bring our gifts to the world. Are you the hero of your life?

photo: Antonio Veraldi, Dreamstime.com