Being Seen

I recently came across this statement: We want to be seen so that we know we exist. It caught me. Some like the spotlight. Others avoid it. The statement may go deeper. What does being seen mean to you? Is it recognition of your talents, attention from others, receiving the respect you are due or something else? Whatever your desire, validate your feelings and declare them a value that you can honor.

How do you want to be seen in the world? It is up to you to make it so.


photo: Med Ahabchane,

Do You Need The Recognition of Others?

Receiving recognition for work well done is a good thing. Wanting recognition is healthy. Needing recognition can put you in a position of relying on others to feel good about yourself.

What is the source of your professional self-confidence? If your self–confidence comes from within, you are the primary influencer. You can take actions to build and project your confidence, enhance your skills and discern when you need to self-correct. You can develop the ability to sort through praise and criticism from others and take only the best of it.

Sometimes, professional recognition is not forthcoming in your work. If this is the case for you, take a look at what the reason is. There could be many. Some situations show you it is time for a change; others that there is something for you to improve; others that you may be working in the wrong environment and others that your need for recognition may be getting in the way.

Be the source of your own self-confidence and put recognition from others in its proper place.