More Respites

Respite: a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant

Upheavals in our lives and work need to be recognized and balanced. Are you feeling balanced these days? One way to balance the effects of the changes and chaos the world is going through now is to schedule periodic and regular respites. The number of respites you need usually correlates to the amount of stress you are experiencing.

Create room in your life for respites. They will help you center and are enjoyable as well!


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Away From It All

During the holidays, how about planning some time to get away from it all? There are lots of reasons to do this: managing stress, maintaining perspective and balance, enjoying yourself, making sure you don’t lose it when it matters and getting to the end of the holidays in one piece.

It can be just a day or a few hours or it can be longer. It is up to you. What do you think you need? What will you do? Where will you go?


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Cooling Out

Every once in a while it is helpful to “cool out”. It promotes balance – countering the stress and activity of your life with relaxation. You are not a machine and cannot keep running all the time. Cooling out lets you pause and replenish your energy.

There are many ways of cooling out. Here are just a few: find some time to be totally alone, relax with family and friends, read a book or watch a movie, get completely out of your regular environment, do nothing for a few hours or a day or sit quietly in nature.

How do you cool out? Do you do it often enough?


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One Day Off

Do you ever take one day off? Your immediate answer may be, “yes, of course I do”. The last time you took a day off, was work completely absent from that day?

With the fast pace of today’s work world, “hard stops” often are one of the best ways to assure balance. By “hard stop” I mean completely disconnecting from work and focusing on relaxation and other aspects of your life.

There are many ways to make hard stops. One way is to take a day off from work each week. Another way may be taking one weekend a month and getting away. Yet another, may be allowing yourself to make some outside commitments that require your time away from work, such as coaching your son or daughter’s sports team or volunteering time for something you are passionate about.

It is not always easy to make a hard stop. You may run on autopilot, with no room for stopping. Your mind may tell you that you have to continue running or you will never keep up at work. A good way to get started is to try making a hard stop just once. Pick a day in the next two weeks and completely disconnect from work. Fill the day with relaxation and things you enjoy. Let the experience inform you about your own need to balance. My hope is that there will be enough pleasure and benefit from your one day off, that you will do it again!

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The Weekend

Two days of seven in a week. How do you use them? Are they a demarcation or a continuation of the week? Are they a time for R&R or do you bring your work with you into the weekend? There’s no right answer here. It is up to you. Is the weekend a part of your balance or no big deal? How do you create balance in your life? Is it about days or is it a state of mind?