Ten Ways To Get A Great Start In 2017

1. Start the year doing something new that is fun and brings you joy.

2. Pare down your goals and resolutions to what is achievable.

3. Commit to balance during the year.

4. Identify 3 things that no longer serve you and let go of them this month.

5. Create a way or place to retreat from the chaos in the world, when you need to.

6. Plan to do something that will amaze others (and yourself!) in 2017.

7. Forgive yourself for anything that went wrong in 2016.

8. Be honest about what is not working in your life right now and try to fix it.

9. Believe in yourself.

10. Acknowledge your accomplishments in 2016.


photo: pixabay.com

Setting New Year Resolutions for You and Your Team

As 2013 nears, so do resolutions, new starts, hopes and expectations. I find it useful, as a manager, to set manager and team resolutions for the new year. You may already be initiating formal organizational goals and/or measures for the year. Your manager and team resolutions can deal with “soft” goals, equally important to you and your team’s success in 2013. These resolutions can address elements of work such as maintaining morale, personal and professional balance, recognizing team member contributions or taking breaks as a team, for example.

You can discuss 2013 resolutions with your team, asking “What are the areas we can address that are important to our success and are not formally addressed in our organizational goals and measures?” or “What resolutions can we make that will support our team and help us thrive?”. Set a few resolutions together, record them and informally measure progress and impact in 2013 by checking in periodically with your team on how you/they are doing with specific resolutions. A few resolutions could make a positive difference in your team’s satisfaction and performance in 2013.


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