Rush or Flow?

rushingAndrewBertramunsplashRushing is everywhere – you rush, I rush, others rush, time speeds up. Which is better, to rush or to flow? Rushing implies urgency, haste and rapid movement. Flow implies fluidity, steadiness and continuity. Personally, I vote for flow. Picture yourself in a fast-flowing river. If you are rushing, you are pushing against it. If you flow, you are aligning with it.

Flow involves steady and fluid movement, allowing you to acclimate to what is happening around you. You maintain your center and can respond to whatever happens. Rushing involves frenzy and a lack of control. You may lose your center and merely react to what happens.

Develop your ability to flow. It serves you better than rushing and will get you where you want to go.


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How Are You Doing In The Holiday Rush?

ID-100203330It can be helpful, in the midst of holiday season, to stop and check in with yourself. It brings you fully to the present moment and puts you in a good place to assess how things are going. How are you feeling as you read this post? Do you feel in balance or stressed with your holiday preparations and obligations? Is a course-correction warranted? Or, some downtime to regroup? If you’d like some tips for the holiday season, check out my previous blog post, 10 Ways to Experience The Holidays With Ease.  May you enjoy the holiday season and thrive in it!


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Should You Rush?

The risks in rushing are inherent in its definition – swift, urgent, haste, sudden, hurry. What has your experience been when you rush? Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

It’s a question worth answering as the decision to rush, or not to rush, impacts the quality of your result as well as the timing. When pressure heightens and you are inclined to hurry, ask yourself “Should I rush?”.