You have an intuitive voice within that sometimes tries to quietly caution you. When you are not sure whether to act, best to wait. Stop for a while and assess what you are about to do. By waiting, you build confidence in your intended action, uncover better approaches and identify any obstacles involved. Then, once you have waited, you can act with the prospect of much better results.

Is there anything you are considering doing, but something tells you it may not be good for you? Try waiting and make your path forward a clearer one.


photo: Анастасия Гепп, pixabay.com

Standing Up

Sometimes, you must stand up for yourself or risk getting run over. Discerning when to stand up and when you can let something slide is an important skill to cultivate. Here are some things to consider when you are deciding whether or not to stand up for yourself:

• Where do your interests lie in the situation? Is it important to protect them?

• Who or what is creating this situation? Are they or it trying to harm you in any way?

• Is there a reason to let this slide that outweighs your self-interest? (For example, a greater benefit to you or a consequence that can harm you)

• Is fear involved?

• What are you “saying” to others by either standing up or not doing so?

Standing up for yourself can be a powerful act. Do it wisely when it is in your interest to do so.


photo: sasint, pixabay.com