Warp Speed

I am observing more and more often, people going so fast that they lose control. Do you attempt to travel at warp speed? Really – you can go faster than the speed of light? Let’s reflect a moment. Yes, the world is speeding up and there are many tools to help us travel with it. However, it is very easy to burn out.

If you are acting as if you can travel at warp speed, perhaps some adjustments are called for. Let go of super-size expectations that you cannot meet. Find ways to travel quickly but prevent yourself from burning out, which defeats the purpose. Key to this is centering. Stay fully present, balanced and aware of time. In doing this, you will be able to handle whatever comes along.


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When it comes to your workload, have you ever felt like you are in a rowboat with no oars heading to the edge of a waterfall? What do you do when there is way too much to do and time is moving on? Sometimes, it is too much to handle and there’s no time to even think straight. It seems, lately, that everything is speeding up and expectations are high.

It may or may not be possible to keep up, but best that you find out and proceed accordingly. Take a moment now to reflect on your workload and how you are doing. Are adjustments needed? What kind of adjustments – by you or by others? How much control do you have or need to have?

It may be that, in the rush, you become faster and more efficient. Or, it may be that you have to help others recognize that their expectations are not realistic. Whatever the case, take care of yourself and your career and make sure that you do not go over that waterfall.


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Staying In Place

Sometimes, staying right where you are is the best thing to do. Life and work can keep you moving, extending your reach and setting new goals – endlessly. However, there are times when staying in motion can create problems and, actually, keep you from where you want to go.

Here are some times when staying in place may be to your advantage:

  • Your energy is low and you are not functioning at high capacity. You need a rest.
  • There are obstacles in the way of getting where you want to be and you are not clear how to overcome them.
  • You have other priorities that take precedence.
  • You need a strategy to get there successfully and do not have one.
  • There are benefits to derive from staying where you are.

Always “going” is not a balanced circumstance. Staying in place, when the time is right, can help get you where you want to be.


photo: DrCartoon, pixabay.com

Zoom, Zoom

speedtookapicpixabayCan you increase your speed in a world that is moving faster than ever? Speed can wreak havoc with you, if you let it. You must come from a strong center to navigate to where you want to go. It’s like being within the eye of a hurricane, in its still point, rather than being tossed around by it.

Here are some ways you can find that strong center. Identify how speed currently creates stress in your life and work. Carefully observe how you deal with that stress – whether you stay centered through it or you let the stress push you out of balance. Find your own still point. What do you need to do when things are going way too fast?

When I come up against stress caused by speed, I stop and touch my center again. I mentally and emotionally keep myself in my center and calm my physical reactions. I do my best to stay in control of myself, knowing I am limited in being able to control what is going on around me. Your still point is for you to find. There is no one way to do this. When you find that still point, you will have what you need to zoom, zoom with the world.


photo: geralt, pixabay.com

What’s Your Speed?

ID-10031355As we cruise to the end of the year, what’s your speed? Are you slowing down or gearing up? Sometimes your speed is dictated by events – deadlines, new developments, business slowing down. Other times,  you have a choice of speeds – fast, slow or in between.

How does the month of December look for you? Will you slow down or gear up? Each has its benefits. Slowing down can restore you, so you can start the new year ready to go. By gearing up, you can get things done and call 2014 a great year.

Ready, set, go – will your speed be fast or slow till the end of the year?


photo: Arvind Balaraman, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The Payback From Pausing

Zoom, zoom. We go at such high speeds in our lives that pausing can take significant effort. Here are some of the paybacks you receive from pausing:

• You see what you may be missing in a situation

• You catch your breath and regain center

• You refuel and smell the roses

• You shift your perspective

• You hear something new

• Others who matter can reach you


photo: Hannu Viitanen, Dreamstime.com

Staying In Shape

As a manager, your work can be a long distance run at short distance speeds. Can you handle both? Sometimes you have to be ready to. Each, though, has differing demands. A short distance manager is ready to go at high speed and efficiency for short distances. A long distance manager needs both endurance and speed.

If your focus is on short distance managing, say for example, managing a customer response team, the key is to be flexible, ready to go at any moment, able to give it your all for short periods of time and able to make good decisions quickly. If your focus is on long distance managing, say in a research program, the key is to be able to get the data you need to go the distance, to have the ability to plan effectively, to motivate your team to keep going and to get the best end result.

Most likely, your work demands a bit of both long and short distance managing. Taking some time to analyze your work in light of these analogies could help you hone your skills and strategies and run a better race.


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Do You Rest?

Our speeding world does not preclude rest, it demands it. Someone said to me that the world          is speeding up to such an extent, that it forces us to find the still point at the center of the storm. How do you rest? Do you crash when you can go no further? Do you schedule time to rest? Have you created a flow between rest and activity? As a manager, rest is an asset, not a distraction. Rest refuels you to go out there again. Rest creates space for creativity and fun and rejuvenation. You are not a machine. Rest, and you will be a better manager.


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