What Is Your Role During The Pandemic?

Have you thought about what you can be doing during this pandemic? Here are some questions to answer:

• Is your role an individual one or part of a greater whole?

• Are you focusing locally or on a broader spectrum?

• What needs are evident to you within your immediate surroundings?

• How much time is available for you to take on a new role?

• Where is your heart leading you?

• What first steps can you take?

You have something to give the world in this time of need.


photo: Gerd Altmann, pixabay.com

What’s Your Biggest Strength?

Your gifts and talents lie within your uniqueness. You are not a carbon copy of anyone in this world. When you know yourself, you can take that awareness and amplify your strengths into a fulfilling career and life.

What is your biggest strength? Take some time to name it. Then, ask yourself these questions regarding your current work:

• How often do I get to use this strength?

• Am I recognized by co-workers and managers for having this strength?

• Am I experiencing a lack of use or respect for my strength?

• What direction can I take in my career that will showcase my strength?

Using your unique gifts and talents is the foundation of creating a career pathway that lets you be the best that you can be.


photo: TheDigitalArtist, pixabay.com

Making It Yours

The secret to distinguishing yourself lies in who you are – your unique traits, talents and learned skills. Often people think they must conform in order to succeed. They fit within a system and fully adopt its processes and approaches. A degree of that is warranted. However, to do your best work, it has to come from you.

How do you make something yours? Let’s say you are given a project to lead. You can follow accepted procedures and do fine. If you bring your unique vision to the project, you have the opportunity to stand out among the crowd. What can you add that will make results better? What do you bring to the work that no one else can? Making a project yours leads you to success and fulfillment!


photo: Hebi B, pixabay.com

What Is Your Purpose?

acornPurpose: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Recently, someone said to me that they really don’t relate when someone suggests they find their purpose. This comment gave me pause. I often use that phrase; that our life’s journey is to find our purpose. Perhaps it comes down to the reason you exist. On one level, it is about the life you create. Do you have a stated purpose for your life? Have you consciously created a direction for your life with a certain aim in mind? Or, has life just happened to you?

You have unique gifts and you can create your life around them. Maybe that’s how you find your purpose – living the life you truly want to live and using your gifts. What calls you?


photo: Dbzik1022 , Dreamstime.com

Are You Valued As A Manager?

 All managers have value. The trick is to find the place that values your strengths and talents where you can thrive. What are signs that your value is recognized in your organization? Here are some: you are treated with respect by upper management, you are listened to, to the best extent possible your needs and those of your team are met, you are communicated with and have the information you need to manage well. On your end, you feel you are on your game, you see that you are a “fit” with your organization, you are doing what you want to be doing as a manager.

You each have your own unique gifts. Sometimes, those gifts are not realized because you are not in an environment that values them. The so-called hero’s journey is about finding your unique gifts and bringing them to the world. There are many factors involved. You may be a good fit for your organization’s mission, but cultural dysfunction, lack of resources or some other factor negatively influences your performance. You may not be a good fit for your organization. Your path may have formed by accident-you just went with what happened, without a focus on the best fit for you.

What has been is not relevant now. What is relevant is to take charge of your career and actively pursue a fit that will allow your unique gifts to shine. In my next post, I will give you some questions that can be helpful in assessing if you are valued as a manager and are bringing your unique gifts to the world.


Photo: FreeDigitalPhotos.net