The Positive Power of Self – Discipline

How often does the term self-discipline cross your radar? Self-discipline involves focus, control and movement. Sometimes negative attitudes can develop around the concept of self – discipline, such as it means making myself do what I don’t want to do or it is never fun or even, it takes my freedom away. None of these things have to be true if you use self – discipline in a positive manner. It is a powerful tool for managers.

How do you make self – discipline a positive tool in your life? You can start out by exercising self – discipline to get something done that you really care about or that will result in a high benefit for you. Creating the prospect of a positive result will serve as a motivating factor. Then, put your self – discipline to work. Construct a plan for getting whatever task you have chosen done. Determine the method you will use, the time that is needed and whatever else you must do for a successful completion of the task. Then, stick to it! That is the key to self – discipline: holding yourself accountable to you.

Once you experience a few successes by staying disciplined, you will build some positive energy to employ self – discipline in more of your work and life. You may also find that self – discipline has many other benefits including: building your ability to focus, using your time well, letting go of things that do not serve you and moving you forward.

Let the positive power of self – discipline work for you.

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