Testing Your Assumptions

assumptionsgeraltpixabayIt is natural to make assumptions about your work and career. However, it serves you to test them, lest you make important decisions based on false or shaky ones. Assumptions about your work and career can relate to the motives of the people you work with, how you think people regard you, what measures your organization uses to assess your performance, the culture of your organization or how good a match your skills are with the mission of your organization.

Ways to test your assumptions include: carefully observing whether the assumptions you have are valid (for example, if the people being rewarded are meeting the performance measures the organization says they are using), carefully observing people’s actions against what you think you know about them or looking honestly at whether your organization is using your skills and talents and rewarding you for them.

Assumptions are risky. Best to ensure that they are tested and true before basing your actions and strategies on them.


photo: geralt, pixabay.com