I Lost My To-Do List

Last week was quite busy for me. My daily to-do lists were long and necessary in order to keep up. On Tuesday morning, I suddenly noticed that my to-do list for the day was missing. I looked everywhere and could not find it. I worried that something important would not get done. It could have gone differently, but all went well. I remembered key things I had to get done and, on Wednesday, continued with that day’s to-do list.

This past weekend, Tuesday’s to-do list showed up in a file I had been working with. Losing it hadn’t been a disaster and I wondered whether there was a lesson here. Perhaps to-do lists are not as critical as I thought they were. Perhaps keeping calm and carrying on gets you through. Perhaps…….

What do you think about the importance of to-do lists?


photo: Jessica45, pixabay.com

10 Ways To Keep Your To Do List Working For You

1. Start with a list covering a week’s time.

2. Check your calendar to see what time is already scheduled for that week.

3. Include only your priorities for the week. (You can keep a side list for future weeks.)

4. Make sure your priorities align with your organization’s expectations.

5. Be realistic about the time you have – include only tasks you have time for that week. Identify any tasks that are due and there may not be time for.

6. Include contingency time for unanticipated tasks that come up during the week. (For example, include tasks that will take 85% of the time you have that week, with 15% contingency time.)

7. Break the list down to days in the week. By doing this, you will organize what you will focus on each day.

8. Keep your To Do list visible (manually or using an app).

9. Check your To Do list twice a day to see how you are progressing.

10. Don’t stray from your To Do list, unless there is a compelling reason.


photo: jesadaphorn, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Is Time In Control Or Are You?

It became clear to me a while ago that the term Time Management is an oxymoron. You cannot manage time; you can only manage your relationship to it.

How is your current relationship with time? Is it a stressful or peaceful one? Do you even consider yourself in a relationship with time? Time is an entity and has a significant role in your life. If you ignore time, it can control you in a harmful way. It is worth paying attention to.

Here are some things to look at regarding your relationship with time:

• For how much of your day are you fully present in the moment?

• Does your “To Do” list create stress for you?

• Do you usually have realistic expectations about the time it will take to get a task done?

• Does multi-tasking work for you?

• How closely related is time to the stress you experience in your life?

Use these questions to think over your relationship with time.  What would characterize a good relationship with time for you?

photo: nirots, FreeDigitalPhotos.net