Say Goodbye To Your 2017 Tolerations

What did you tolerate in 2017 that you can do without in 2018? Tolerations are a key concept in the coaching profession. They may not stand out or get your attention readily, but you can be sure they are slowly draining your energy. A toleration may be something as simple as a messy office or something more complex, such as a promotion that never comes.

Start by identifying anything you tolerated in 2017 and make a commitment to eliminate it. Tolerations, once identified, are not difficult to eliminate. Set your intention and enjoy the freedom you gain in 2018 from letting tolerations go!

For more on tolerations, see my blog posts, Manager Tolerations  and Ten Manager Tolerations You Can Do Without.


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Ten Manager Tolerations You Can Do Without

ID-10071537In a previous blog post I wrote about  the effects of tolerating negative people or situations. Here are ten examples of manager tolerations you are better off without.

1. A team member who is disrupting the flow of your team’s work.

2. A colleague who uses intimidation to get what he or she wants.

3. A messy, unorganized desk.

4. A culture that defines productivity as the number of hours you stay at the office, rather than the results of your work.

5. An unclear mission.

6. Too many unproductive meetings.

7. Compensation way below your contribution.

8. Sloppy performance reviews.

9. Disrespect.

10. Work that has no meaning for you.

 What are you tolerating now that you could do without?


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Manager Tolerations

Toleration is not a passive energy. If you are tolerating negative people, things or situations and not doing anything about them, your tolerations could be having negative effects you do not recognize. When a grossly negative situation grabs your attention, you often are forced to deal with it, either immediately or soon after, especially if it escalates. Not true with tolerations. They do not grab your attention in the same way. You might decide you do not have time to deal with a negative situation or that it is not that bad and you have other things to deal with. Tolerations are like water dripping one drop at a time, accumulating negative energy bit by little bit, until they quietly drown you.  What are you tolerating as you manage today? What will you do about it?