Panic: You’re Unemployed

Managing is a challenging task. Sometimes, it seems as if it cannot get any more challenging then it already is. Then, one day you find yourself in a panic-you have been given notice and are walked out the door. What do you do?

First priority is to regain your center and accept what has occurred. An event such as this has a mighty force that you need to acknowledge. Give yourself space and time to regroup. Practice internal kindness-you do not have to add blame or self criticism to the mix. What’s needed next is a strategy and sense of place. Take some time to identify your options and challenges now that you are unemployed. Think out a strategy for what has to be handled immediately and what can be handled in the long run.

When you are ready, get back out in the world and get started on your strategy. Build new concepts for balance during this time. Be good to yourself. Change can be hard, but can also bring good things to your life. Be open to what this change can bring. If you are facing the loss of your job, please know that I wish you the very best and many good things to come.