Riding The Waves

Do you find yourself going through ups and downs almost continually lately? That’s the nature of these times of uncertainty, upset and change. New skills and strategies are called for to keep yourself performing at your best.

Of key importance is to acknowledge that you are operating in a new space – things have changed and you must change, as well, in order to adapt. Once you acknowledge this, you can assess what you need to do to excel in this new world. What is being asked of you? How can you keep yourself centered? How can you effectively deal with stress? Are there any new skills you need to develop?

Put some focus on the world you now operate in and you’ll be riding the waves in no time!


photo: pixabay.com

Ups And Downs

I am beginning to sense that with the COVID-19 situation we are in for a number of ups and downs. Week to week in my coaching and communicating with friends, I am seeing them in action. Of course, the degree of how up and how down varies with each person. Some are dealing with extreme challenges; others are finding themselves tossed to and fro. Few are experiencing life as it used to be.

We need to find ways to navigate these ups and downs or they will mess with our focus and knock us off balance. I am developing ways to handle them. Focus is key to me. If I can get myself back to center when distracted, I can regain focus. I allow that a portion of my energy is going to coping with change and have lowered my expectations a bit. I also create some structure each day so that I do not drift too far.

If ups and downs are with us for a while, lets find ways to deal with them. There’s a good chance that they are leading us to positive change and will be worth it in the long run.


photo: John Hain, pixabay.com

Upward Climbs

climbing stairs Lindsay HenwoodstocksnaoA coach once told me that life is not about one upward climb to an ultimate goal, but rather a continuous, repeating pattern of ups and downs. He was trying to help me see that challenges and smooth rides are a constant in my life and that I should learn how to ride them. At that time in my life I had just become a coach and was looking at the transition as having an ultimate destination of total success. Not! My coaching journey is an ongoing series of successes and challenges.

When you have an upward climb – a challenge, a setback or a disappointment – how do you look at it? It is not a final end and will not last forever. Best to learn how to weather ups and downs and to see them as a natural pattern in your life. That way, you can be present with them, know that they will not last forever and navigate them with a sense of ease.

“All careers go up and down like friendships, like marriages, like anything else, and you can’t bat a thousand all the time.” – Julie Andrews


photo: Lindsay Henwood, stocksnap.io