True Voice

Do you know your true voice? You may not speak your true voice in every encounter; however, there are some encounters where it is essential. Your true voice comes from within. It embodies your values, reflects your integrity, sets your boundaries and protects you.

Things can get sticky when you do not know or speak your true voice. Others can take advantage of or manipulate you. You can be forced into situations that do not honor your values or boundaries. If you have yet to find your true voice, here are some questions to answer that can get you started:

• What is non-negotiable in your life – things you will not do?

• What are your three most important values?

• What lines can people not cross with you?

Your true voice is the expression of you. Know it and your path will be illuminated, leading to a centered and fulfilling life.


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Are You Sitting In The Peanut Gallery?

A peanut gallery is a place where people, whose criticisms are regarded as irrelevant or insignificant, sit on the sidelines. In vaudeville theatre, people in the peanut gallery threw peanuts on the stage to express displeasure with a performance. Complaints from the peanut gallery are often ignored.

We all want a voice at work. Is your voice being heard or are you sitting in the peanut gallery? Some organizations excel at disregarding their workers and seldom hear them, much less solicit their input. How do you feel and think about your current work situation? Is there room for improvement? Do you have needs that are not being met? Are your organization and team performing to full potential?

If you are not being heard, you can throw peanuts, but you may be ignored. You have a voice that matters and can give your organization valuable input. If you are not being heard or respected, change that. Find ways that work in your organization to speak up. Offer suggestions that will bring benefits and add value. Let your organization know what you need to function at your best. If you just can’t get them to pay attention, find an organization that will.

All of us have unique talents and high value to offer those we work with. Don’t allow yourself to be sidelined. Get out of the peanut gallery and lead.


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