What Are Your Values as a Manager?

Values guide us in many areas of our lives. What are your values as a manager? Here are some questions to help you begin identifying them.

• How would you like for others to describe you as a manager?

• What is important to you regarding the way others treat you in the workplace or market?

• Which of your personal values transfer to your work as a manager? How are they different, if at all, when you bring them into the workplace?

• What kind of work environment do you want to create for your team?

Values are an important foundation for your work as a manager. Know your values. Let them guide you


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Managing Above it All

Managing can be quicksand. You can get caught, and even sink, in all the details, interactions and effort of it all.  How do you stay out of the quicksand and effectively lead your team to success?

It’s an inside job. You create a healthy detachment from the things that pull you down and raise your perspective to the bigger picture.

When do you feel your feet going into the quicksand? Is it the details, effort, interactions? Recognize the elements of your work environment that pull you down. Then, find routine ways to create a healthy detachment from these elements so that you can manage effectively. I create detachment in various ways: taking regular breaks so I can see things clearly, recognizing the signs of overwhelm, taking time to center before I respond to people or events, not taking things personally, realizing it’s all business and acknowledging that I have options in every situation.

The air above it all is clear and clean. You and your team will thrive there and you won’t be feeling the quicksand pulling you down.

Photo: FreeDigitalPhotos.net